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Magnetic stripe plastic gift card. Pete's Red
Gift CardsPete's Red

Gift cards can be purchased in values of $20,$30,$40,$50,$60,$70,$80,$90,$100,$125,$150, and $200.

A medium body dry Bordeaux style red blend- Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc. Named in honor of our first official winery dog Pete.



Wine Club Membership Byrd Cellars-Velvet-Norton-Wine
Wine Club MembershipVelvet
Byrd Cellars Wine Club membership. 15% discount for the 1st 2 years, and 20% thereafter on all wines by the bottle or glass, food items and gift shop items. The club membership is free but a $7.50 deposit is made on each of the first 3 visits...

A big, bold Norton...that's smooth like Velvet! Brian Yost-TheVirginiaGrape.com "It had distinct chocolate notes and a beautiful finish. I was blown away. It was the best Norton I've ever tasted." Limited Quantity



Winter Solstice Cabernet Sauvignon Wine-Raven Red-Byrd Cellars
Winter SolsticeRaven Red

 Apple-Cranberry wine.

A light dry red blend much like a Pinot Noir. Made from 2 distinct Cabernet Sauvignon wines gently blended with a touch of Chambourcin. Byrd Cellars Wine Club member price $12.92 - Want to get this great discounted price? Check our our Wine Club .



Dahlgren's Raid Red Wine-Byrd Cellars Merlot Wine-Byrd Cellars
Dahlgren's Raid RedMerlot

Nice light sweet red priced for fun and made with a blend of estate grown Byrd Cellars grapes.

Forget the harshness of most Merlot varietals.  This Merlot will definitely surprise you with its smooth yet peppery taste.




Apple Concord Wine-Byrd Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Wine-Byrd Cellars
Apple ConcordCabernet Sauvignon

One of our most favorite wines made from Estate grown Concord grapes with a touch of Apple.

A first release made from 100% noble Bordeaux grapes. This is a wine for that great NY center cut or one of those Thick t-bones that are becoming so popular again.



Syrah Wine-Byrd Cellars Chardonnay Wine-Byrd Cellars

The smoky cigar-like nose of this Rhone Valley Syrah will elicit visions of relaxing in an easy chair - sipping away an evening of pleasure.  No need to pair this fine wine with food.   It stands nicely by itself.

Mid-weight straw colored chardonnay aged with French oak. This is our dry chardonnay made with a slight buttery-oakie finish. 12% ABV. Byrd Cellars Wine Club member price $12.11 - Want to get this great discounted price? Check our our Wine Club .



Apple Strawberry Wine-Meadowsweet-Byrd Cellars Unoaked Chardonnay Wine-Byrd Cellars Virginia
MeadowsweetCreekside Chardonnay

A delicious fruit wine made from apple wine with a touch of strawberry. The nose is intoxicating. Unfiltered and a little less alcohol, so be sure to consume and not store this wine for aging. Byrd Cellars Wine Club member price $10.50 - Want to...

Light unoaked chardonnay wine, stainless steel fermented. Pear notes and a crisp clear color. Our stainless steel chardonnay is definitely a great choice for summer sipping on the porch. This is probably unlike any chardonnay wine you are used...



Sweet Apple Wine-Byrd Cellars Cabernet Franc Blush-Vin Rose-Byrd Cellars
AppleVin Rose'

Made from Virginia cider house apples. Light, fruity, and slightly sweet. The apple juice comes from a cider house in Amhurst county. We purchase the juice as the apples are being pressed at harvest time, begin the fermentation process at the...

California style rose' made from Cabernet Franc. This is a light off-dry rose' reminiscent of popular white zinfandel rose wines. The grapes are not crushed but rather pressed for the juice alone and therefore the juice is not tainted with the...



Muscat Wine-Byrd Cellars Norton Reserve Wine-Byrd Cellars
MuscatNorton Reserve

Estate grown 100% golden muscato grapes  A sweet crisp refreshng light style wine. 

Organically grown, aged with American medium toasted new oak to round out the already superb flavors of our James River grape - 100% estate grown Norton.



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